Tenements are a crucial yet highly technical and complex aspect of project success. At Hetherington, we like to build strong and ongoing relationships with our clients, so you can continue returning to us whenever you need to acquire a tenement, alter conditions of a tenure, or seek advice regarding tenement management.

As well as being essential to the initial approval of a project, tenements form the foundation for which all operations are carried out. To secure and maintain your tenure, it’s vital that you adhere to faultless management of tenements and meet all compliance standards associated with the conditions of the title. Hetherington will guide you through these complexities.



When it comes to tenement management, our expert team have the knowledge and experience to help you at every stage of the process. We can handle all the complexities so your project can obtain the green light as soon as possible.

  • Tenement management and acquisition.
  • Monitoring prospective ground and applying for tenure throughout Australia and overseas.
  • Preparation and lodgement of applications for grant and renewal, as well as other prescribed dealings.
  • Preparation of exploration programs.
  • Preparation, advice, and coordination of joint venture agreements.
  • Strategic advice in relation to tenement acquisitions and associated sale agreements.
  • Expert strategic advice on key approvals and considerations relating to security of tenure under mining, environmental and land use laws.
  • Preparation of submissions to Government departments regarding conditions of title including expenditure exemptions or suspension of conditions.
  • Cancellation of titles, and associated submissions to Government.
  • Transfer of titles, registration of agreements and encumbrances.
  • Assistance with preparation and lodgement of statutory reports.
  • Negotiation of access and compensation with private, Government and indigenous landowners.
  • Tenement auditing and due diligence to advise commercial transactions including joint ventures, farm-in agreements, and acquisitions.
  • VALMIN Code compliant reports for prospectus reports and share market listings.