Environmental and planning approvals for exploration and mining projects can be highly influential to the initial beginnings and overall success of your project. To guarantee that your project can be as streamlined as possible, it’s crucial that you acquire the expertise of a consultancy that specialises in securing environmental, planning and other ancillary approvals.

At Hetherington, we’ve been doing this for more than 30 years. Not only will we help to secure your approval initially, but we will also provide guidance and support throughout your project to ensure you maintain and safeguard compliance with your key approvals so that your operations can proceed without complication.



Our planning and environmental approvals services are many and varied, meaning we can support you throughout all aspects of obtaining and sustaining the rights associated with your mining or exploration approval.

  • Advice relating to environmental and planning approval requirements relating to all types of operations.
  • Activity Approvals, Reviews of Environmental Factors and Environmental Impact Assessments.
  • On-site Environmental Assessments and Environmental Liability reports.
  • Preparation of Plans of Operation, security calculations and environmental audits.
  • Monitoring and strategic reduction of rehabilitation liabilities.
  • Coordination of applications for development approvals and other ancillary approvals, including under environmental protection, water management and land use legislation.
  • Negotiation of access and compensation with private, Government and indigenous landowners.
  • Management of land titles.
  • Closure and acquisition of roads.
  • Preparation and lodgement of statutory reports required under existing and future approvals.