Not only does corporate and operational compliance ensure you are meeting the terms and conditions of issued approvals, but it also facilitates success for your organisation in achieving its commercial goals. Environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations are a fundamental element of any mining or exploration project.

Our team is highly experienced in compliance frameworks and we have proudly been key consultants supporting the compliance of various well-regarded mining operations in Australia. With our expert advice on both corporate and operational matters, you can rest assured that compliance will be met on all levels.



Our comprehensive understanding of compliance frameworks allows us to provide expert advice that safeguards your relationship with issued authorities and your own organisation’s environmental, social and governance objectives.

  • Maintenance of independent compliance databases for compliance monitoring and auditing purposes.
  • Conducting regular audits in satisfaction of corporate and operational reporting requirements.
  • Liaising with Government departments regarding compliance with environmental, social and operational obligations.
  • Preparation, implementation, and maintenance of internal management systems for ongoing management of authorities and approvals in accordance with current and future terms and conditions, as well as broader environmental, social and governance objectives.
  • Due diligence, auditing and strategic advice relating to the sale and acquisition of assets, including tenement pre-acquisition status and compliance review.
  • Monitoring of compliance with ancillary approvals, including operational plans, environmental licences and permits.
  • Maintenance of consultation registers and details of relevant stakeholder engagement for compliance and reporting purposes.
  • Assistance with Government relation and consultation strategies and facilitation of meaningful engagement.