Not only does corporate and operational compliance ensure you are meeting the terms and conditions of issued approvals, but it also facilitates success for your organisation in achieving its commercial goals. Environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations are a fundamental element of any mining or exploration project.

Our team is highly experienced in compliance frameworks and we have proudly been key consultants supporting the compliance of various well-regarded mining operations in Australia. With our expert advice on both corporate and operational matters, you can rest assured that compliance will be met on all levels.



Our comprehensive understanding of compliance frameworks allows us to provide expert advice that safeguards your relationship with issued authorities and your own organisation’s environmental, social and governance objectives.

The team at Hetherington understand that ongoing regulatory compliance is a top priority for all responsible operators. A detailed understanding of the regulatory framework that dictates tenement obligations is critical to implementing effective tenement obligation management systems. Hetherington provides a range of services for ongoing obligation management, including regular reminders, tailored Tenement Management Systems, and custom obligation databases. This extends to preparation, implementation, and maintenance of internal management systems for ongoing management of authorities and approvals in accordance with current and future terms and conditions, as well as broader environmental, social and governance objectives. We also assist with the preparation, finalisation and lodgement of obligations including Annual Reports, fees, royalty returns and renewals or extensions of term.

With our experience in management of obligations under tenements and statutory approval, Hetherington provides independent auditing services to clients to ensure all requirements are complied with. Our auditing services can be tailored depending on the purpose of the audit and our client’s requirements.

The requisite tenements, environment approvals and ancillary approvals necessary for exploration and mining projects involve liaison with different Government Departments and stakeholders. Hetherington has extensive experience in Government stakeholder liaison and management, particularly when managing tenement related and environmental approvals.

Hetherington’s detailed understanding of tenements and related approvals allows us to provide both time and cost-effective due diligence and advisory services in relation to the sale and acquisition of assets. These services extend to review and auditing of tenements and associated approvals and integration of tenement dealings into sale and acquisition terms. These services are supplemented by the Hetherington Group’s incorporated legal practice, Hetherington Legal.

We understand that mistakes can happen, which is why Hetherington offers a suite of tools to minimise mistakes and the possibility of non-compliance. These range from tailored compliance monitoring and management procedures to full scale compliance audits. These services are particularly useful for clients that don’t use Hetherington’s ongoing obligation management services. Effective compliance management and auditing activities are highly effective in identifying potential mistakes or non-compliances before they occur and rectifying problematic or flawed procedures to ensure the security of tenements and the wider project.

Consultation is a key component of any exploration or mining project and is necessary to comply with conditions of title of most tenements. Hetherington is able to manage stakeholder engagement and provide consultation registers necessary to ensure effective stakeholder communication and consultation and achieve ongoing compliance with tenement and statutory obligations.

Hetherington maintains active dialogue with various Government Departments on behalf of clients to ensure open and effective communication occurs throughout the life of a project. All engagement is documented in accordance with statutory and internal ESG obligations to ensure transparency regulatory compliance.

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