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Tenements are a key component to all exploration and mining operations, servicing as the foundational right under which all operations are carried out. Ensuring security of tenure through stringent management of tenements and compliance with conditions of title is paramount to ensuring the overall security of a development.

Planning and Environmental Approvals

We understand that environmental, planning, and other ancillary approvals for exploration and mining projects are equally important to tenements when it comes to the overall success of the project. Hetherington has the expertise to secure, maintain and ensure compliance with these key approvals parallel to any mining rights to ensure streamlined and effective overall management of a project.


Environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations, including corporate and operational compliance, are key to ensuring the success of a project and at the same time meeting commercial goals. This process necessarily involves introducing mechanisms to ensuring compliance with the terms and conditions of any approvals issued. We understand the underlying frameworks governing compliance and can provide expert advice at corporate and operational levels to ensure all operations remain compliant with both the issued authorities and also the operator’s broader environmental, social and governance objectives.