RUSSELL HETHERINGTON | Specialist Consultant



Russel Hetherington

Russell Hetherington is acknowledged internationally as an authority in mining and exploration title management.

Russell has worked in mining and exploration tenements since 1974.

From 1974 to 1981, he was employed in the Northern Territory Department of Mines and Energy. A number of promotions provided Russell with an in-depth working knowledge of title registration procedures and administration of mining and related legislation.

For several years prior to starting Hetherington, Russell was Senior Landman for Esso Australia Ltd. In that capacity, he was responsible for the maintenance of Esso's exploration and mining tenements, negotiation of Joint Venture Agreements, dealing with landowners on whose properties Esso conducted exploration, administration of requirements under various State Mining Acts and other related legislation, liaison with governments and public relations.

Whilst in Esso's employ, Russell received further training in Geology, Contract Law, Mining Law, Aboriginal Awareness, Commercial Negotiation and Aboriginal Land Legislation. Russell was for two years during the early 1980's a Councillor on the New South Wales Chamber of Mines and Extractive Industries Council and he was also a member of the Aboriginal Land Rights Sub-Committee of that Chamber.

In 1996, Russell was engaged by the Federal Government for a month-long AusAid mission to Eritrea in the course of which he reviewed the exploration and mining tenure system in that country. As a result of that review, Russell made a number of recommendations, most of which have been adopted by the Eritrean Government.

Russell has been involved in the review and drafting of mining legislation in Queensland and New South Wales within Australia and has had reason to comment on legislation proposed in Tanzania, Vietnam and the Solomon Islands.

Russell has also applied for, been granted and maintained exploration and mining titles in Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, Fiji and the Solomon Islands.

Russell has completed a Bachelor of Law at the University of New England.

Russell has been directly involved in Native Title negotiations on behalf of several clients, including negotiations which led to the signing of the first agreement between a mining company and Native Title Claimant in New South Wales. This agreement allowed the client to proceed with a significant mining development.

Since the commencement of Native Title legislation in Australia Russell has conducted extensive negotiations with Native Title holders in the eastern states of Australia and the Northern Territory. His skills and experience in this area are recognised in the industry.

Russell is a member of the Resources Energy & Environmental Law Committee, Business Law Section of the Law Council of Australia.