South Australian Exploration Licence Renewals – New Act or Old Act Renewal?

Are you aware of the legislative changes around renewal of Exploration Licences (EL) that took place in the mining laws in South Australia this year? The South Australian Government […]


On 10 August 2018, the (then) Department of Planning, Industry and Environment introduced five Mineral Allocation Areas across New South Wales, including near Dubbo, Forbes, Mundi […]

Mining Law and Tenement Management – NSW Community Consultation Code of Practice

The regulatory framework governing mineral exploration in NSW is made up of a number of sources of authority including the following: Mining Act 1992 Mining Regulation […]

Mining Law and Tenement Management
NSW Exploration Reporting (October 2021 Update)

The Department of Regional NSW has recently released an updated version of the guideline, Exploration Reporting: A Guide for Reporting on Exploration and Prospecting in New […]

Commencement of NSW Mining Rehabilitation Reforms

The Mining Amendment (Standard Conditions of Mining Leases – Rehabilitation) Regulation 2021 (NSW) (“Rehabilitation Regulation”) was published on the NSW Legislation website on Friday, 2 July […]

Activity Approvals for Mineral Exploration in NSW

The grant of an Exploration Licence and negotiation of an access arrangement are not the only steps towards undertaking exploration in NSW. Depending on the type […]

Applying for Mining Leases in NSW

Securing a valid Mining Lease is critical to the success of any proposed mining operation so it’s equally important that proponents get the Mining Lease Application […]

Applying for Exploration Licences in NSW

Securing a valid Exploration Licence is often the first step in achieving your exploration goals so it is critical that explorers get the Exploration Licence Application […]

Land Access Arrangements in NSW

Land access is a critical component of any exploration project and successfully navigating the regulatory framework in any jurisdiction can be a difficult task. Access arrangements […]

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