Hetherington EnviroNmental


Exploration and Mining Approvals

  • Exploration Approvals
  • Mining Approvals
  • Ancillary Approvals
  • Ongoing Management
  • Rehabilitation Compliance and Auditing
  • Closure Management


Environmental and Planning Advice

  • Resources
  • Renewables
  • Infrastructure
  • Construction and Local Development


Compliance and Auditing

  • Maintenance of internal or independent approval and obligation registers
  • Auditing of approvals and related obligations
  • Review and auditing of internal records of compliance
  • Strategic advice to assist long-term compliance goals and objectives


Environmental Impact Assessment

  • Management and oversight of environmental impact assessment
  • Consultation with Government and private stakeholders


ESG Advice and Reporting

  • Establishing ESG goals and strategies
  • Custom ESG reporting frameworks and practices to reflect internal and external obligations

Environmental and planning approvals are critical to the success of any resources, energy or infrastructure project and involves numerous disciplines to achieve the principles of ecologically sustainable development.

Expert navigation of planning and environmental frameworks requires a detailed understanding of the regulatory frameworks governing the successful grant and maintenance of approvals. This environmental consulting includes Government policies and guidelines, which are regularly subject to change.

Hetherington Environmental consultants have the experience and knowledge to assist you with your environmental and planning approval requirements to help you achieve your broader commercial goals.


  • Advice and preparation of Activity Approvals, Review of Environmental Factors(REF), Mining Operations Plans(MOP), Environmental Impact Statements(EIS), work plans, programs for environment protection and rehabilitation(PEPR) and other types of approvals
  • Management of all ancillary environmental approvals including environmental protection licences, roads works approvals, water approvals and vegetation clearing permits
  • Expert advice in relation to environmental and planning approval processes across all Australian jurisdictions
  • Guidance in relation to Government and key stakeholder consultation and liaison
  • Maintenance of independent registers of environmental commitments and conditions of granted approvals
  • Environmental auditing and review of obligations and commitments associated with environmental and planning approvals
  • Establishment of internal Environmental Management Plans to set and meet sustainability goals
  • Full project management and planning to ensure all necessary approvals are secured in accordance with key project goals targets
  • Navigation of legislative and policy frameworks to achieve cost effective solutions to all environmental approval and compliance requirements


Extensive experience in environmental management and navigating approval frameworks across all jurisdictions allows Hetherington to provide specialist advice to a variety of clients in the resources, energy and infrastructure industries in relation to environmental and planning approvals.

Hetherington Environmental strives to provide our clients with industry-leading expertise and personalised service, tailored to each of our client’s operational needs.

Now comprising Hetherington Legal and Hetherington Environmental, the Hetherington Group provides a comprehensive range of services, including tenement management (applications, renewals and overall compliance), compliance audits and government liaison.


David Salim
Company Principal

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Ben Muscat
Principal Consultant

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Tamara Woods
Executive Environmental Consultant

Hetherington Environmental provides industry expertise and personalised service, tailored to each of our clients’ environmental needs.


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