Should You Represent Yourself in the Court of Law?

Some people may be inclined to represent themselves in a court of law. They may also be inclined to complete their own legal paperwork without legal […]

The Complexity of Mining and Exploration Approvals

Mining is a boom to the Australian economy and a significant employment provider. However, it is not without its risks, including safety risks, environmental risks, health […]

Legal Considerations When Expanding Mining Operations in Australia

Many companies find that they have identified good land. They have the people power, the equipment and the relationship with contractors to launch into extensive mineral […]

Environmental, Social and Governance Factors Affecting Australian Mining Law

ESG, short for Environmental, Social and Governance factors are being used more frequently to determine the viability of mining investment, including assessment of risk and growth […]

Communicating Effectively With Mining Regulators

Miners in high-visibility PPE using high-tech equipment is the lingering visual impression of mining left by television images, but it is the activities within the boardroom […]

Finding an Australian Mining Lawyer

The Australian mining laws governing the mining sector are complex to say the least. The benefits of partnering with a mining law specialist for your Australian […]

Decommissioning A Mine Site: Legal Risks And Opportunities

Mining at a given site cannot go on infinitely. When extraction of the minerals is complete, there is no value in the mine site anymore, and […]

Are Mining Approvals Becoming Harder To Obtain In Australia?

It’s a question close to the heart of all Australian mining companies. There is a lot of apprehension within the Australian mining industry at present around […]

5 Signs You Need A Mining Lawyer

  1. You are entering negotiations If you are entering into talks with a potential client, a contractor, a landholder, a Native Title holder, an existing […]

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